Ali Volkan İmamoğlu

Field of Study: European Politics, Nationalism, Euroscepticism, European Identity

Title of Thesis: Revisiting the Question of EU Integration: Understanding Enlargement Towards the Western Balkans (Master’s Thesis)


Astrid Schnitzer-Skjønsberg

Field of Study: China, Diplomacy, Practice Theory, Development Cooperation

Title of Thesis: The dynamics of everyday diplomatic interactions at bilateral level


Benan Soydaş

Field of Study: European Union Politics, Foreign Policy Analysis, European Union Foreign Policy, Environmental Politics

Title of Thesis: How influential are the interest groups during the ratification process of the Paris Agreement in the European Parliament? (Master’s Thesis)


Burak Bulut

Field of Study: International Security, Great Power Politics, Foreign Policy, Alliances

Title of Thesis: Why does balancing fail? comparing U.S. balancing strategies against the Soviet Union and China (Master’s Thesis)

Elif Merve Dumankaya

Field of Study: International Security, Terrorism, Count-terrorism, Emerging Technologies

Title of Thesis: Leadership-Oriented Approach in Counter-Terrorism: Turkey’s Counterterrorism Strategy Against the PKK Terrorist Organization Between 2015-2020 (Master’s Thesis)


Emine Tuğçe Sarı

Field of Study: East Asia, China, Gender, Popular Culture, Critical Theory

Title of Thesis: A Gramscian Analysis of Securitization Through the Antagonist Characters in Turkish TV Crime Series: İz PeşindeYılan HikayesiArka SokaklarBehzat Ç.İsimsizler and Börü (Master’s Thesis)


Gizem Kaya

Field of Study: Peace & Conflict Studies, Environmental Peacebuilding, Social Movements, Latin America, Middle East, Computational Social Science and Quantitative Methods

Title of Thesis: The Role of Natural Resources in the Colombian Peace Process (Master’s Thesis)

Social Movements in Post-Conflict Societies (Dissertation)


Mehmet Çağatay Güler

Field of Study: Russia, Eurasia, Strategic Studies, Foreign Policy

Title of Thesis: Dynamics of the Russian foreign policy between 2000-2019: Nuclear energy as a foreign policy tool in the case of Turkey (Master’s Thesis)

Glory to Motherland: Putin’s Grand Strategy (Dissertation)


Laçin Artıkoğlu

Field of Study: Foreign Policy Analysis, Turkish Foreign Policy, European Union Foreign Policy, Public Opinion

Title of Thesis: Public Opinion and Turkey’s Foreign Policy Turn in the 2010s


Latife Kınay Kılıç

Field of Study: International Security, Violent Non-state Actors, Foreign Policy.


Melike Metintaş

Field of Study: International Political Economy, Development Finance, Foreign Financing, Rising Powers

Title of Thesis: The Mutually Transforming Effect: A Comparative Study on European and Chinese Development Finance in Central and Eastern Europe (Master’s Thesis)


orhun Bayraktar

Field of Study: Turkish Foreign Policy, Cold War History, Middle East


Yüksel Yasemin Altıntaş

Field of Study: International Security, Maritime Security, Grand Strategy

Title of Thesis: How Does the Discovery Of Hydrocarbon Resources In Maritime Boundary Delimitation Zones Affect Interstate Conflict? (Master’s Thesis)