Ali Arslan

Field of Study: Civil Conflict, Alliance Politics, Interstate Coercion, Credibility

Title of Thesis: When do Birds of a Feather Flock Together? Effects of Rebel-Public Ties on Inter-Rebel Relations in Multiparty Civil Wars


Ali Sevindik

Field of Study: Conflict, Political Violence, War


Ece Kartal

Field of Study: Globalization, China, War, Regime Types


Emirhan Tekin

Field of Study: International Political Economy, Global Environmental Politics, European Politics

Title of Thesis: Carbon Markets and Commodification of Nature


Enes Şamil Kiraz

Field of Study: Russo-Ottoman Relations, Turkish-Soviet Relations, 19th-20th Centuries

Title of Thesis: From the Hills of Manchuria: The Russo-Japanese War and the Ottoman Public Opinion

Ezgi Ergün

Field of Study: Gender, Identity, Repression

Title of Thesis: Non-Material Precautions for Material Threats: A Case of Early Republican Türkiye (1923-38)


hatice Elif Çavuşoğlu

Field of Study: Borders, International Security, Migration, and Geopolitics


Nagihan Vatansever

Field of Study: Critical Security Studies, Humanitarian Intervention

Title of Thesis: Critical Overview of the Responsibility to Protect: The Cases of Rwanda, Kosovo, Syria, and Libya


Onur Tuğrul Karabıçak

Field of Study: Power, Poststructuralism, Critical Security Studies, IR Theory

Title of Thesis: Power as Visibility: Theorizing the Changing Nature of Power


Pelin Dengiz

Field of Study: Foreign Policy, East Asia


Sena Yenigün

Field of Study: Diplomacy, Soft Power, Status. 

Title of Thesis: Status-Seeking Strategies of Second-Tier States Below the Great Power Club: The Case of Canada, South Africa, and India