ChaeEun Cho

Ph.D. Candidate in Political Science

Vanderbilt University

“Who Gets on Board? The Role of Trade Export Similarity in Determining Participation in Economic Sanctions”

Date & Time: May 29th, 10.30

Venue: A-130 Seminar Room

Bio: I am a Ph.D. candidate in Political Science at Vanderbilt University. My research lies at the intersection of international security, international political economy, and political methodology, with a particular focus on economic statecraft. A central interest of my work is understanding how different types of actors in the international system could affect the implementation of economic statecraft. This research agenda is motivated by the observation that the effectiveness of economic statecraft is often shaped by the behavior of different actors in the international system. My dissertation examines the conditions under which third-party states and private actors cooperate on economic sanctions, as well as the strategies that governments can use to promote firms’ compliance with sanctions policies. Additionally, my research portfolio contains studies on topics such as threat perception and text analysis. Before my Ph.D., I earned a Bachelor of Political Science and Communication from University of Washington at Seattle and a M.A. degree in International Relations from Seoul National University.