New Public Diplomacy debated at IR Department

On December 16, Jonathan Henick, Counselor for Public Affairs at the Embassy of the United States of America, visited our Department. Mr. Henick delivered a speech entitled “US Public Diplomacy: Pitfalls and Opportunities”. The presentation was part of the IR439 Turkish Foreign Policy course offered by Amb. Ret. Onur Gökçe, a Senior Lecturer at our Department..
Mr. Henick’s interactive presentation covered the significance of public diplomacy for governments as well as pr...Read More

Dr Onur İşçi receives TUBITAK grant

Dr. Onur İşçi has been granted the TUBITAK Reintegration Scholarship (BIDEB 2232) – a two year research grant that supports Turkish academics returning home from overseas doctoral training.
İşçi holds a Ph.D. from Georgetown University and recently joined Bilkent’s IR faculty in September 2014. He is a diplomatic historian, whose teaching and research interests include the convergence of 19th century empires and the history of 20th century international relations.
As part...Read More

IR Talk focuses on Climate Change: What is after Kyoto?

On December 5, Alper Acar, Sector Manager for Climate Change, EU Delegation to Turkey, delivered a guest lecture at our department. Mr. Acar’s lecture elaborated on the effects and problems of climate change in comparison to the past and sougt to link the Rio 92 process to the present. He demonstrated that population growth and GHG gas emission levels are the most important factor to climate change. Moreover, Alper Acar focused on current problems about climate change and the various ...Read More

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