National Conceptions, Transnational Solidarities: Turkey, Europe and Islam

Dr. Zana Çitak

Date&Time: December, 8, Thursday, 16.00
Room: A130

This talk examines the interplay between the institutionalization of Islam in Europe and the transnationalism of Turkey’s Directorate for Religious Affairs, the Diyanet. Based on extensive fieldwork in Turkey and Austria, Belgium, France and Germany, it demonstrates not only the salience of the nation-state prerogative on the part of both European states and the Turkish state but also the t...Read More

National dialogues as inclusion mechanisms for political transitions

Dr. Esra Çuhadar

Date&Time: November, 24, Thursday, 16.00
Room: A130

National Dialogues are increasingly regarded as a legitimate and effective negotiation format to tackle national political crises. Yet, there is no common understanding on the features that distinguish National Dialogues from other multi-stakeholder negotiation formats, nor on the design and context features that influence the outcomes of National Dialogues. The purpose of this paper is t...Read More

Building states of 'exception': Reflections on the changing dynamics of sovereignty after intervention

Dr. Selver Buldanlıoğlu Şahin

Date&Time: November,10, 16.30
Room: A130

This presentation is focused on the political effects of arguably technical, democratic capacity-building interventions. At the policy level, these inherently regulatory interventions are rationalised as a necessary action that strengthens (rather than violate) sovereignty in ‘fragile’ or ‘post-conflict\' states. In this presentation, I will discuss how foreign intervention in p...Read More

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