The Usual Suspects: Ethnicity and Repatriation in Stalin’s Cold War on Turkey, 1945-1949

Day &Time: October, 27, 16.00
Room: A130

On November 21, 1945, the Soviet Government authorized the return of all Armenians living in neighboring states of the Levant to Soviet Armenia. The Erivan Committee for the Settlement of Armenian Immigrants Abroad announced that Stalin agreed to pay half the cost of building houses for the returned and would set up several registration offices headquartered in Beirut. Although the news of repatriation caused a considerable ...Read More

National Identity Contestation and The Varying Paths to Regional Economic Leadership in Russia and Turkey

Day &Time: October, 13, 16.30
Room: A326

The literature has paid considerable attention to regional powers, yet little has been done to investigate the differences among them. While the goal of establishing regional economic preponderance is common among these states, strategies of regional leadership are various. Relying on primary source materials and elite interviews conducted in Russia and Turkey as well as process tracing, I argue that national identity concept...Read More

Dr. Bilgic’s New Book is out: Turkey, Power and the West

Dr. Ali Bilgic has published his second book “Turkey, Power, and the West: Gendered International Relations and Foreign Policy” from I.B. Tauris.
From the Ottoman Empire to the present day, the book constructs an image of Turkish foreign policy as reflecting a gendered insecurity-one of a \'non-Western\' Turkish masculinity subordinated to a \'Western\' hegemonic masculinity-and shows how Turkey\'s \'subordination\' has in turn been internalised by its own politicians. Dr. Bilgic take...Read More

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