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Jean Monnet Module Award

Dr. Tuğba Bayar of the Department of International Relations has been awarded Jean Monnet Module funding from the European Commission for her project on “International and European Protection of Human Rights” (EUHR).

A Jean Monnet module is a short teaching program in the field of European studies at an institution of higher education. Dr. Bayar’s EUHR module includes courses as well as various scholarly events and seminars intended to build awareness, expand knowledge, sti...Read More

Bilkent IR Talks, Fall 2021- 4

Alvaro Rodriguez
The UN Resident Coordinator in Turkey
"Our Common Agenda: A Greener, Sustainable and Peaceful Future for All"
Time: Nov 17, 2021 15:30
Venue: V-04 Auditorium

Short Bio:
Prior to becoming Officer-in-Charge in Turkey, Mr Rodriguez was UN Resident Coordinator in the United Republic of Tanzania from August 2014. Mr. Rodriguez has served in the UN since 1991 when he began his work with UNDP in Kenya and then served in China and Thaila...Read More

Bilkent IR Talks, Fall 2021- 3

Morgan L. Kaplan

“U.S. Foreign Policy in a ‘Post-Withdrawal’ Middle East”
On the afternoon of Thursday, November 4, the Department of International Relations’ “IR Talks” series hosted Morgan L. Kaplan, who spoke to Bilkent students and faculty about his latest research project: “US Foreign Policy in a ‘Post-Withdrawal’ Middle East.” Dr. Kaplan, a fellow in the American Statecraft Program at the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, is focusing on...Read More

Open-Rank Positions in International Relations (Bilkent University).

The Department of International Relations at Bilkent University invites applications for multiple tenure-track and open-rank positions in international relations, to begin in September 2022. The department welcomes applications from scholars working in any area of specialization within the field of international relations.

Successful candidates will have a strong publication record, and at Bilkent they will be expected to produce peer-reviewed research and contribute to the underg...Read More

Bilkent IR Talks, Fall 2021- 2

Muharrem Sarıkaya - Habertürk

"Medya ve Siyaset İlişkisi"

Time: Oct 21, 2021 12:30 PM
Venue: A-130

Conference will be in Turkish. / Konferans Türkçe’dir.

Short Bio:
After graduating from the Faculty of Economic and Administrative Sciences at Gazi University in 1982, Muharrem Sarıkaya began his career in journalism in 1979 at Ankara Barış Gazetesi before moving on to Hürriyet, where by 1982 he was promoted to po...Read More

Bilkent IR Talks, Fall 2021- 1

H.E. Nikolaus Meyer-Landrut

"The EU Green Deal and Climate Action"
On Thursday, October 15, students filled the C Block auditorium to listen to the first speaker of the academic year in the Bilkent International Relations department’s speaker series, “IR Talks.” Nikolaus Meyer-Landrut, EU ambassador and head of the European Union delegation to Turkey, spoke about the European Green Deal and the role Turkey, as well as the current generation of students, must play in t...Read More

Instructor in International Relations (Bilkent University)

Bilkent University’s Department of International Relations invites applicants for an instructor position commencing in September 2022. This is primarily a teaching position and candidates are expected offer a variety of compulsory (Intro to IR, research methods, foreign policy analysis, IR Theory, international organizations, international law, IPE, etc.) and elective courses (global environmental issues, media and foreign policy, area studies etc.) at the undergraduate level. We seek candidat...Read More

Talk/ Center for Russian Studies

Bilkent University Center for Russian Studies in partnership with The Wilson Center History and Public Policy Program cordially invites you to:


18 October 2021, 18:00 (Ankara)

To register for this Zoom webinar,
Please sign up by visiting the Center for Russian Studies website or clicking on this link: More

Doktora Bursu / PhD Scholarship

We would like to announce a Ph.D. scholarship position for a TUBİTAK-funded project. The details are as follows:

Name of the project: Globalization of the Atom
Lead Researcher: Asst. Prof. Eliza Gheorghe
What is offered: stipend at the top end of TÜBİTAK scale for 15-20 hours of work per week (on average)

Required Qualifications:
- Experience with quantitative methods.
- Ability to work in Stata, R, or Python.
- Excellent Englis...Read More

Instructor in International Relations (Bilkent University)

Bilkent University’s Department of International Relations invites applicants for an instructor position commencing September 2021. This is primarily a teaching position and candidates are expected offer a variety of compulsory (intro to IR, research methods, international organizations, international law, IPE, etc.) and elective courses (global environmental issues, media and foreign policy, area studies etc.) at the undergraduate level. We seek candidates in any subfield who are able to teac...Read More

Distinguished Teachers Honored

The University is pleased to announce the recipients of the Distinguished Teaching Awards for 2021. They are: Lori Russell Dağ, Seçkin Köstem and Burak Ülgüt, along with Hossein Dabir, who passed away in December and is being presented with the award posthumously. The four awardees were chosen for demonstrating outstanding teaching abilities and for contributing to students’ academic and intellectual development. Please see the 2021 Distinguished Teaching Award recipients’ statements be...Read More

Bilkent IR Talks, Spring 2021-11

On May 11, 2021, Dr. Murat Yeşiltaş, Associate Professor in the Department of International Relations at Social Sciences University of Ankara, delivered a lecture titled: "Turkish foreign policy under regional geopolitical anxiety" for Bilkent's IR Talks. Building upon his latest research, Prof. Yeşiltaş explained the US government's role in the liberal international order and the effects of the Coronavirus pandemic on the global order. The talk focused on geopolitical anxieties and various ...Read More

Bilkent IR Talks, Spring 2021- 10

On May 4, 2021, Dr. Aleksi Ylönen, Center for International Studies, University Institute of Lisbon, delivered a lecture titled: “Regional Politics in the Horn of Africa” for Bilkent’s IR Talks. Dr. Ylönen started his talk with an overview of the political history of the Horn of Africa, focusing on Ethiopia, Eritrea, Somalia and Djibouti. Dr. Ylönen described the financial, religious, and historical experiences of the region, shedding light on the regional politics, external interests, ...Read More

Bilkent IR Talks, Spring 2021-9

On May 3, 2021, Prof. Juliet Johnson, Chair and Professor in the Department of Political Science at McGill University, delivered a lecture titled: “Understanding Financial Nationalism” for Bilkent’s IR Talks. Building upon Prof Johnson’s research on financial nationalism, the talk focused on the definition and types of financial nationalism. After explaining the national purpose, Prof Johnson investigated the four faces of financial nationalism. Following this investigation, the talk fo...Read More

Bilkent IR Talks, Spring 2021-8

On April 29, 2021, Dr. Akın Ünver, Associate Professor in the Department of International Relations at Kadir Has University, delivered a lecture titled: “Social Media as Conflict Event Data: Empirical Evidence from Northern Syria” for Bilkent’s IR Talks. Building upon his latest research with Ahmet Kurmaz that investigates on use of data science for migration tracking, the talk focused on the relation between social media and conflict. After explaining the reasons why fighters share loc...Read More

Bilkent IR Talks, Spring 2021-7

On April 26, 2021, Prof. Eric Helleiner, Department of Political Science at the University of Waterloo, delivered a lecture titled: "The Return of National Self-Sufficiency? Excavating Autarkic Thought in a De-Globalizing Era" for Bilkent's IR Talks. Building upon Prof. Helleiner's existing research on de-globalization, the talk focused on autarkic thought and the prospect of national self-sufficiency. After explaining the history and differences of autarkic and neo-mercantilist economic nationa...Read More

Bilkent Faculty Receive Sakıp Sabancı International Research Award

Asst. Prof. Ayşenur Dal of the Department of Communication and Design and Asst. Prof. Efe Tokdemir of the Department of International Relations have received a Sakıp Sabancı International Research Essay Award for their study “Social–Psychological Dynamics in the Fight Against COVID-19 in Societies With ‘Underlying Conditions.’”

The Sakıp Sabancı International Research Awards, first given in 2006, are presented annually in the field of the social sciences to honor th...Read More

Bilkent IR Talks, Spring 2021-6

On April 20, 2021, Dr. Birol A. Yeşilada, Professor of Political Science and International Studies at Portland State University, delivered a lecture titled: “Global Power Transition Theory and the Determinants of EU Integration” for Bilkent’s International Relations Seminar Series. Building upon Dr. Yeşilada’s latest research, the talk focused on power transition theory and the future of the EU. After the history and brief explanation of power transition theory, Dr. Yeşilada investig...Read More

Bilkent IR Talks, Spring 2021-5

On April 13, 2021, Dr. Ulrich Kühn (Institut für Friedensforschung und Sicherheitspolitik, Universität Hamburg) delivered a lecture titled “Choosing the U.S. Nuclear Umbrella: Counterproductive Consequences of Germany’s Love for the Status Quo” for IR Talks @Bilkent. Building upon Dr. Kühn's latest research, the talk analyzed the consequences of Germany's stagnant nuclear policy in the post-Cold War era. Dr. Kühn discussed the trends that dominated the security landscape in Europe in...Read More

Bilkent IR Talks, Spring 2021-4

On March 22, 2021, Prof. Ilene Grabel (University of Denver) delivered a lecture for IR Talks @Bilkent titled “The American Financial Order is Crumbling (and It’s A Good Thing, Too)”. The talk drew on Prof. Grabel's book When Things Don't Fall Apart: Global Financial Governance and Developmental Finance in an Age of Productive Incoherence, which examines how the global financial crisis created the necessary space for pluripolar forms of global financial governance. In her lecture, Prof. Gr...Read More

Bilkent IR Talks, Spring 2021-3

On March 9, 2021 Professor Alexander Cooley (Columbia University) delivered a lecture titled "Still Exiting from Hegemony: Why the Biden Administration Can’t Rebuild the American Global Order" for IR Talks @Bilkent. The lecture was based on Prof. Cooley's recent book, co-authored with Prof. Daniel Nexon (Georgetown University), titled Exit from Hegemony. The Unraveling of the American Global Order (Oxford University Press 2020). The talk offered a framework for understanding the transformation...Read More

Bilkent IR Talks, Spring 2021-2

On February 16, 2021, IR Talks @Bilkent hosted Dr. Götz Neuneck (Institut für Friedensforschung und Sicherheitspolitik (IFSH), Universität Hamburg), who delivered a lecture title “Nuclear Verification in the Context of the NPT and TPNW”. The talk focused on answering the following question: "What is disarmament and how can we verify it?" Drawing from the past and future of nuclear disarmament verification, Dr. Neuneck explained the requirements and experiences of verification, nuclear di...Read More

Bilkent IR Talks, Spring 2021-1

Prof. Anita Gohdes, Hertie School of Governance

"Distract and divert: How world leaders use social media during contentious politics"

Date & Time: February 15, 2021 (Monday), 12:30pm

Join Zoom Meeting :

Meeting ID: 919 470 4858
Passcode: 360858

Short Bio:
Dr. Anita Gohdes (Ph.D. University of Mannheim) is Professor of International and Cyber Security at the Hertie School in Berlin...Read More


We are proud that Asst. Prof. Efe Tokdemir and Asst. Prof. Eliza Gheorghe of the Department of International Relations are among Bilkent faculty members and alumni, who have received the 2020 Outstanding Young Scientist Awards from the Turkish Academy of Sciences (TÜBA). The names of the awardees were announced in late December 2020. TÜBA introduced the Program to Award Young Scientists (GEBİP) in 2001 to recognize and support outstanding young researchers working in the natural and social sc...Read More

Eliza Gheorghe Receive Fellowship Under New TÜBİTAK Program

Seven Bilkent faculty members have been awarded International Fellowship for Outstanding Researchers from the Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey (TÜBİTAK) this year.
The International Fellowship for Outstanding Researchers is a new TÜBİTAK line of funding. It provides support to researchers with significant scientific and/or technological achievements and international work experience, enabling them to conduct their research in leading institutions of higher educa...Read More

Bilkent University International Relations Research Seminar Series, 2020-2021 VI

On November 26, 2020, Professor Richard Ned Lebow (Dartmouth College Cambridge University King's College London) delivered a lecture for Bilkent's International Relations Seminar Series. The talk focused on the issue of identity in International Relations. Drawing on his two books on the topic, Professor Lebow discussed the issue of modernity and identity, a typology of identity projects and their corresponding political projects, and the issue of how states acquire their identities in internati...Read More

Bilkent University International Relations Research Seminar Series, 2020-2021, V

On November 19, 2020, Bilkent's International Relations Seminar Series hosted Professor Charles Doran (Johns Hopkins University - School of Advanced International Studies). Prof. Doran delivered a talk about power cycle theory, which he introduced in 1964, followed by a comparison between his theory, power transition theory, hegemonic stability theory, and long cycle theory. His presentation also included a discussion of the most recent dataset he created to test the theory, which covers the per...Read More

Bilkent University International Relations Research Seminar Series, 2020-2021, IV

On November 18, 2020, International Relations department hosted US Ambassador to Ankara, His Excellency David M. Satterfield. Bilkent University Rector Abdullah Atalar and Provost Adnan Akay also joined the event.

During the talk, about 200 Bilkent students asked Ambassador Satterfield questions about US-Turkey Relations and global politics. Ambassador Satterfield and students also talked about online learning in the age of COVID19 pandemic and shared experiences.

Bilkent University International Relations Research Seminar Series, 2020-2021, III

Prof. Ömer Taşpınar (National Defense University, SAIS-JHU, and Brookings Institution) gave a talk for Bilkent\'s International Relations Seminar Series about the results of the 2020 US presidential elections. The presentation focused on the two candidates - President Donald Trump and former Vice President Joe Biden - and the historic circumstances in which they competed for the White House. Prof. Taşpınar discussed the implications of a Biden Presidency for American foreign policy, especi...Read More

Bilkent University International Relations Research Seminar Series, 2020-2021, II

On October 22, 2020, Dr. Gönül Tol (Middle East Institute) delivered a lecture for Bilkent's International Relations Seminar Series, offering an outlook for the 2020 US elections. The talk tackled important issues such as swing states, mail-in voting, voter suppression, and the role of the Supreme Court in the event the final result of the election is contested. Moreover, Dr. Tol explained the role played by the Electoral College as well as the challenges faced by the American electoral system...Read More

Bilkent University International Relations Research Seminar Series, 2020-2021, I

On October 13, 2020, Professor Richard Ned Lebow (Dartmouth College Cambridge University King's College London) delivered the first lecture for this academic year's International Relations Seminar Series. His talk built on his work on counterfactuals, published, among others, with Princeton University Press (2010). In his presentation, Professor Lebow emphasized the usefulness of counterfactual thought-experiments when probing the causes and contingency of key moments in international politics, ...Read More

New Book by Tudor Onea

A new book by Asst. Prof. Tudor Onea of the Department of International Relations, titled “The Grand Strategies of Great Powers,” was recently published by Routledge. The book explores what grand strategy is, what grand strategies are available to great powers, and the situations in which they are used. It puts forward
a classification of great powers’ grand strategies over the past four centuries, examining the strategies of rising, status quo and declining powers. Among the strate...Read More

New Book by Efe Tokdemir

A new book coauthored by Asst. Prof. Efe Tokdemir of the Department of International Relations and titled “Battle for Allegiance: Governments, Terrorist Groups, and Constituencies in Conflict” was recently released by the University of Michigan Press. In the book, Dr. Tokdemir and coauthor Seden Akçınaroğlu (a faculty member at SUNY Binghamton in the US) examine what the authors describe as a long-neglected aspect of
conflict processes, specifically investigating the nonviolent str...Read More

Book by Özgür Özdamar Applies Role Theory to Middle East Politics

Assoc. Prof. Özgür Özdamar of the Department of International Relations has coauthored a new book, titled “Role Theory in the Middle East and North Africa: Politics, Economics and Identity.” Published by Routledge, it explores how Arab uprisings have changed foreign policies of Egypt, Iran, Saudi Arabia and Turkey. The book’s other coauthor is Assoc. Prof. Yasemin Akbaba of the Department of Political Science at Gettysburg College in the US.

The publisher’s description ...Read More

"History repeats itself."

International Relations Research Seminar Series

Assistant Professor Başak Taraktaş – Boğaziçi University

"History repeats itself."

Date&Time: 27.12.2019, Friday, 12.30

Room: A-130
Short Bio:
Başak Taraktaş is an assistant professor of Political Science at Boğaziçi University. She received her PhD in political science from the University of Pennsylvania in 2016. Prior to coming to Boğaziçi, she worked as a po...Read More

Origins of Religious Homogeneity in Western Europe Discussed

On November 21, Assoc. Prof. Şener Aktürk from Koç University delivered a lecture for the International Relations Seminar Series organized by the Department of International Relations.
His talk, titled “Political Origins of Religious Homogeneity in Western Europe,” drew on his latest research project, in which he argues that the papacy – an extraterritorial religious authority with punitive powers (e.g., crusades, excommunication, interdiction, inquisitions) that lobbied for reli...Read More

New Book by Onur İşçi Dedicated to Norman Stone

A new book by Asst. Prof. Onur İşçi of the Department of International Relations, titled “Rusya İmparatorluğu’nun Çöküşü, 1881–1917” (The Fall of the Russian Empire, 1881–1917), has just been released by the publishing house Kronik Kitap. Coauthored with Dr. Onur Önol and based on Russian- and English-language sources, the volume is an academic monograph that explores the reasons behind the fall of the Russian Empire.

Dr. İşçi and Dr. Önol are both MA grad...Read More

"Political Origins of Religious Homogeneity in Western Europe, 1209-1609."

International Relations Research Seminar Series

Associate Professor Şener Aktürk– Koç University

"Political Origins of Religious Homogeneity in Western Europe, 1209-1609."

Date&Time: 21.11.2019, Thursday, 13.30

Room: A-130

Short Bio:
Şener Aktürk is a scholar of comparative politics broadly defined, with a focus on comparative politics of ethnicity, religion, and nationalism, especially in Germany, Russia...Read More

Impact of Armed Groups’ Foreign Sponsorship Discussed

Last week, Assoc. Prof. Belgin San Akça of the Koç University Department of International Relations gave a talk as part of the International Relations Seminar Series organized by the Bilkent IR department.

Her presentation, “Foreign-State Patrons and Civilian Support for Armed Groups,” focused on the impact of external sponsorship of non-state armed organizations on civilian support for conflict processes. Prof. San Akça also introduced her recently digitalized Non-State Ar...Read More

“Foreign State Patrons and Civilian Support for Armed Groups”

International Relations Research Seminar Series

Associate Professor Belgin Şan Akca – Koç University

“Foreign State Patrons and Civilian Support for Armed Groups”

Date&Time: 06.11.2019, Wednesday, 12.30

Room: A-130

Short Bio:
Belgin San-Akca is an Associate Professor of Political Science at the Department of International Relations in Koç University. She received her Ph.D. from University of California,...Read More

IR Seminar Series Opens With a Discussion of Climate Change

On October 10, Prof. Urs Luterbacher of the Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies in Geneva delivered the first lecture in this academic year’s International Relations Seminar Series. His talk, titled “Global Climate Policy: Actors, Concepts, and Enduring Challenges – Some Skeptical Thoughts About the Paris Agreement,” built on his latest research, published by MIT Press in 2018.

Prof. Luterbacher argued that climate change, which represents one of th...Read More

“Global Climate Policy: Actors, Concepts, and Enduring Challenges: Some Skeptical Thoughts about the Paris Agreement”

Prof. Urs Luterbacher

Graduate Institute Geneva

“Global Climate Policy: Actors, Concepts, and Enduring Challenges: Some Skeptical Thoughts about the Paris Agreement”

Day & Time: October, 10, 12:30-14:00
Room: A130

Urs Luterbacher was Professor of Political Science at the Graduate Institute of International from 1973-2010. He has done work on problems of international conflict and cooperation and international environmental p...Read More

Bilkent Mourns the Loss of Norman Stone

Prof. Norman Stone, passed away on Tuesday, June 18, 2019 in Budapest.

We wish to extend our condolences to his family, friends and Bilkent community.

Russia and Turkey: Lessons from the Past Century

Date: 13-14.05.2019

Room: C-Blok Amfi and A-130

The Bilkent Center for Russian Studies organized a 2-day conference on Russia, Turkey, and their relations. Many faculty from the IR department participated, as well as Bilkent faculty from other departments and diplomatic and academic guests. The panels covered a wide variety of subjects, including historical background and pressing issues related to current affairs in both countries.

For a short summa...Read More

“Why do democracies break down? A Political Economy Account of Turkey’s Rising Authoritarianism”

Asst. Prof. Şebnem Gümüşçü

Asst. Prof. Berk Esen

Date&Time: 10.05.2019, Friday 12.30
Room: A-330

After decades of multiparty politics, Turkey is no longer a democracy. A theory-upending case, the country has descended into a competitive authoritarian regime under the Justice and Development Party (AKP) despite rising income and education levels and strong links with the West. What accounts for democratic breakdown in su...Read More

“Cultural diplomacy between theory and practice: Qatari - Turkish cultural ties as a model.”

HE Dr. Hamad Bin Abdulaziz Al-Kawari
State Minister (Rank: Deputy Prime-Minister) State of Qatar

Day &Time: April, 25, 10.40

Room: C- Block Amphi

Hamad Bin Abdulaziz Al-Kawari is State Minister with rank of Deputy Prime-Minister. He is a Qatari diplomat, statesman, and intellectual. He has been the Minister for Culture, Arts and Heritage of Qatar from July 2008 to January 2016. He was previously the Ambassador of Qatar for France, the United St...Read More

Book Presentation: “Turkey, Kemalism and the Soviet Union”

Vahram Ter-Matevosyan

Day &Time: April, 26, 12.30

Room: H-232

Vahram Ter-Matevosyan specializes in Turkish domestic and foreign policy, Regional Security and Conflicts in the post-Soviet Space. He has received his Dr. Philosophy Degree from the University of Bergen (Norway), Master’s degree from Lund University (Sweden), Candidate of historical sciences degree from the Institute of Oriental Studies and Yerevan State University (Armenia). He was Visi...Read More

Asst. Prof. Efe Tokdemir Receive BAGEP Awards

Six Bilkent faculty members have received Distinguished Young Scientist (BAGEP) awards for 2019. The awards are given by the Science Academy Association (Bilim Akademisi Derneği), established in 2011 “to promote, practice and uphold the principles of scientific merit, freedom and integrity.” The objective of the BAGEP program is to recognize highly promising young scientists and assist them in furthering their investigations.

This year, 43 scientists were named BAGEP award re...Read More

Beyond Maintenance of Peace and Security: Major Powers in Interstate Reconciliation Discussions

Assoc. Prof. Reşat Bayer

Date&Time: 12.04.2019, Friday 11.00

Room: A-130

Dr. Reşat Bayer is Associate Professor of International Relations at Koç University. His primary research interests are international cooperation and conflict. He is particularly interested in peace between countries, how peaceful relations emerge, and the role of conflict management and resolution in peaceful relations, including negotiation and mediation. His cu...Read More

New Workshop Series Initiated: Ankara Research Kitchen (ARK)

We are hosting a new workshop series, which aim to promote inter and intra-university research-focused interaction among faculty members and graduate students. Our goal is to provide an interdisciplinary and collaborative platform for all faculty members and graduate students, regardless of their field or methodological background, to get feedback on their works as well as to engage with others’. The workshops are held once in every week, Wednesday noon or Friday afternoon, and we will have 12...Read More

The Turkey - NATO - Russia triangle in Black Sea security. Patterns of continuity and change

Lars Haugom

Date&Time: 7.02.2019, Thursday, 12.30

Room: A-130

Lars Haugom is Research Fellow at the Norwegian Institute for Defence Studies (IFS) in Oslo, focusing on Turkey, the Middle East and security policy. His professional background is from the University of Oslo and the Norwegian Armed Forces where he has held positions as lecturer, senior analyst and head of analysis branch. Haugom\'s current research projects are on Turkey and Europ...Read More

The initiative of the alliance of Civilization

On February 4, the High Representative for the United Nations Alliance of Civilizations, H.E. Mr. Miguel Ángel Moratinos (former Foreign Minister of Spain) delivered a talk on “The Initiative of the Alliance of Civilization.” The Ambassador of Spain to Ankara as well as other diplomats attended Mr. Ángel’s talk, which was followed by a lively exchange with IR students.

“Başka Tren Gıdı Gıdı” (The Gıdı Gıdı - A Different Kind of Train)

On 18 December 2018, documentary director Yasin Ali Türkeri visited Bilkent to show and discuss his documentary film, “Başka Tren Gıdı Gıdı” (The Gıdı Gıdı - A Different Kind of Train). The film was released in 2018 and tells the story of the Nazilli Sümerbank Textile factory that was built with Soviet assistance in the 1930s. The documentary approaches the story through the Gıdı Gıdı, a train that belonged to the plant and which now waits quietly inside the closed factory for...Read More

IR Student Chosen as Global Citizen Scholar

Mohammad Almishlawi, a third-year student in the Department of International Relations, was selected to be one of the Ban Ki-Moon Center’s first four global citizen scholars to participate in the 2018 European Forum Alpbach, held in Alpbach, Austria, in August.

The Ban Ki-Moon Center for Global Citizens is an independent, nonprofit, quasi-international organization headquartered in Vienna, whose mission is “to empower youth and women worldwide to thrive and act as global citiz...Read More

Berk Esen Receives Sakıp Sabancı International Research Award

Asst. Prof. Berk Esen of the Department of International Relations has
received the Sakıp Sabancı International Research Essay Award for his
study “Elective Affinities Between Democratic Backsliding and Populism:
The Cases of Turkey and Hungary in Comparative Perspective.”

The Sakıp Sabancı International Research Awards, first given in 2006, are
presented annually in the field of the social sciences to honor the memory
of businessman and ...Read More

New Book Published by Dimitri Tsarouhas

A new book edited by Assoc. Prof. Dimitri Tsarouhas of the Department of International Relations has just been published by Palgrave MacMillan and Springer Nature. The book, which Dr. Tsarouhas coedited with Prof. Owen Parker of the University of Sheffield, is titled “Crisis in the Eurozone Periphery” and forms part of the SPERI (Sheffield Political Economy Research Institute) “Building a Sustainable Political Economy” series. It is available as an e-book as well as soft and hard copy. T...Read More

The Dynamics of Turkish Defense Industrialization

Dr. Çağlar Kurç

Date&Time: 15.12.2017, Friday, 12.30
Room: A330

Turkey has been investing in its national defense industrial base since the 1980s. Recently, Turkey started to reap the fruits of this investment as the local production level has reached 60%. Yet, Turkey is far from its defense industrialization goal – self-sufficiency in defense production in 2023. In this paper, we will look into why Turkey adopts and continues to pursue self-sufficiency...Read More

Taking Tounge: Espionage and Intelligence in Sixteenth Century Mediterranean

Dr. Emrah Safa Gürkan
Date&Time: 29.11.2017, Wednesday, 12.40
Room: A130

This lecture will deal with historical roots of espionage and intelligence. Sharing the results of research on a number of archives and manuscript libraries in Istanbul, Madrid, Paris, Valladolid, Venice, Florence, Genoa and Malta, it will focus on sixteenth century Mediterranean where two empires, the Ottomans and the Habsburgs, engaged in a long and costly war. The time period under scrutiny...Read More

‘Killing norms softly’: US targeted killing, quasi-secrecy and the assassination ban

Center for Foreign Policy and Peace Research, Peace Talk : Young Scholar Series
International Relations Research Seminar Series

Dr. Andris Banka
Date&Time: 24.11.2017, Friday, 15.30
Room: A130

How does a once-forbidden practice become normal, legitimate, even routine? More specifically, how can those in government who desire this outcome make it so? These questions are posed in the context of a particular case: the programme of targeted killin...Read More

Changing World Order and Turkish Foreign Policy

Dr. Tarık Oğuzlu
Date&Time: 10.11.2017, Friday, 12.30
C Block Auditorium

Prof. Dr. Tarık Oğuzlu is currently a faculty member of the Department of Political Science and International Relations and Director of the Center for Social, Economic and Political Research (SEPAM, at Antalya Bilim University. He holds a Ph.D. degree in Intenational Relations taken from Bilkent University in 2003. He holds a Master of Science degree in Internation...Read More

Open Rank Position in International Relations

The International Relations Department at Bilkent University invites applicants for an open rank position, commencing Fall 2018. The Department is interested in applicants who specialize in International Security broadly defined, especially those with a concentration on Middle East politics. Bilkent University is committed to increasing the diversity of its Faculty. Female and international scholars are therefore especially encouraged to apply.

Bilkent University is an English-med...Read More

IR Discipline and the Rise of Asia?: Historical and Theoretical Approaches

Dr. Bahadır Pehlivantürk

Date&Time: 10.05.2017, Wednesday, 12.30
Room: A130

Dr. Bahadir Pehlivanturk has studied in Middle East Technical University (METU) in Ankara, Turkey. He received his PhD degree in Kyoto University, Japan at Faculty of Human and Environmental Sciences. He did his study on Asian Studies and Overseas Chinese Networks in Southeast Asia. His research interests are on Asia-Pacific International Relations, Japanese Domestic Politics and F...Read More


Date & Time: Friday, 31 March 2017, 15.00-17.00

Place: Faculty of Economics, Administrative and Social Sciences, Seminar Room A130

Bilkent University's Department of International Relations welcomes all candidates who aim to pursue a Ph.D. in International Relations to our "Ph.D. Open Day".

On this special event, the Director of Graduate Studies will make a presentation about the department's Ph.D. Program, followed by a reception where candidates wil...Read More

Transparency Promotion and Extractive Industries: Making Sense of Compliance in Resource-Rich States

Dr. Kerem Öge

Date &Time: December, 22, 16.30
Room: A130

As the most significant international advocate of transparency, the Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative (EITI) is a coalition of countries, companies, and civil society groups that aims to establish global standards of transparency in extractive industries. Since 2003, more than 50 resource-rich countries have become members of this public-private partnership. The growing popularity of the EI...Read More

National Conceptions, Transnational Solidarities: Turkey, Europe and Islam

Dr. Zana Çitak

Date&Time: December, 8, Thursday, 16.00
Room: A130

This talk examines the interplay between the institutionalization of Islam in Europe and the transnationalism of Turkey’s Directorate for Religious Affairs, the Diyanet. Based on extensive fieldwork in Turkey and Austria, Belgium, France and Germany, it demonstrates not only the salience of the nation-state prerogative on the part of both European states and the Turkish state but also the t...Read More

National dialogues as inclusion mechanisms for political transitions

Dr. Esra Çuhadar

Date&Time: November, 24, Thursday, 16.00
Room: A130

National Dialogues are increasingly regarded as a legitimate and effective negotiation format to tackle national political crises. Yet, there is no common understanding on the features that distinguish National Dialogues from other multi-stakeholder negotiation formats, nor on the design and context features that influence the outcomes of National Dialogues. The purpose of this paper is t...Read More

Building states of 'exception': Reflections on the changing dynamics of sovereignty after intervention

Dr. Selver Buldanlıoğlu Şahin

Date&Time: November,10, 16.30
Room: A130

This presentation is focused on the political effects of arguably technical, democratic capacity-building interventions. At the policy level, these inherently regulatory interventions are rationalised as a necessary action that strengthens (rather than violate) sovereignty in ‘fragile’ or ‘post-conflict\' states. In this presentation, I will discuss how foreign intervention in p...Read More

The Usual Suspects: Ethnicity and Repatriation in Stalin’s Cold War on Turkey, 1945-1949

Dr. Onur İşçi

Day &Time: October, 27, 16.00
Room: A130

On November 21, 1945, the Soviet Government authorized the return of all Armenians living in neighboring states of the Levant to Soviet Armenia. The Erivan Committee for the Settlement of Armenian Immigrants Abroad announced that Stalin agreed to pay half the cost of building houses for the returned and would set up several registration offices headquartered in Beirut. Although the news of repatriatio...Read More

National Identity Contestation and The Varying Paths to Regional Economic Leadership in Russia and Turkey

Dr. Seçkin Köstem

Day &Time: October, 13, 16.30
Room: A326

The literature has paid considerable attention to regional powers, yet little has been done to investigate the differences among them. While the goal of establishing regional economic preponderance is common among these states, strategies of regional leadership are various. Relying on primary source materials and elite interviews conducted in Russia and Turkey as well as process tracing, I argue tha...Read More

Dr. Bilgic’s New Book is out: Turkey, Power and the West

Dr. Ali Bilgic has published his second book “Turkey, Power, and the West: Gendered International Relations and Foreign Policy” from I.B. Tauris.
From the Ottoman Empire to the present day, the book constructs an image of Turkish foreign policy as reflecting a gendered insecurity-one of a \'non-Western\' Turkish masculinity subordinated to a \'Western\' hegemonic masculinity-and shows how Turkey\'s \'subordination\' has in turn been internalised by its own politicians. Dr. Bilgic take...Read More

The U.S. Election – What to Watch for on November 8th.

19.10.2016, 15:30-17:00

The U.S. Election – What to Watch for on November 8th.

Joe Wierichs is the Public Affairs Officer at the U.S. Embassy in Ankara. In his 17-year career as a Foreign Service Officer he has served in the Department of State’s Bureau of European and Eurasian Affairs as well as on overseas assignments in Shanghai, Chennai, Brussels and Baghdad. Joe holds a Master’s degree in Organizational Management from George Washington Unive...Read More

IR Seminar Series on the Middle East

Katerina Dalacoura, Associate Professor of International Relations at the London School of Economics (LSE) recently visited our Department to take part in our International Relations Seminar Series (IRSS).
Dr. Dalacoura gave a talk entitled \"Sectarianism, Ideology and Power in Middle East International Relations Post-2011\". Dr. Dalacoura has widely published in the area of political Islam, human rights in the Middle East, culture and ethics in International Relations. In her talk, Dr. ...Read More

IR Faculty Member Publishes Book on Intervention and State-Making

Asst. Prof. Selver B. Şahin has authored a new book, titled “International Intervention and State-Making: How Exception Became the Norm”, published by Routledge.
The publisher offers the following description of Dr. Şahin’s study:
“This book analyses the changing dynamics of sovereignty resulting from contemporary international state-building interventions.
“It aims to highlight how the exercise of ‘exceptional’ forms of power by intervening agencies impacts ...Read More

IR Seminar: European Energy Policies; A Journey Towards The Energy Union


Post-Doctoral Researcher at Aalto University, School of Electrical Engineering, Power Systems Department in Espoo, Finland


DATE: Friday, 4 March 2016

TIME: 15.30-17.30

ROOM: A-130


IR Recognized Among Top Departmens of the World

Our department has been rated among the best 150 “Politics and International Studies” programs in the world in the latest global university rankings by the Quacquarelli Symonds (QS), the UK-based career and education network.

The QS evaluates over 3,500 universities based on global surveys of academic reputation, employer reputation and citations per paper. The 2015 results were derived from the opinions of around 85,000 academics and 42,000 employers, in addition to a detaile...Read More

"IMF Conditionality" Talk at IR Department

Merih Angin (PhD, The Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies) delivered a talk at our Department on 9 December, 2015. Her research examines the design of IMF programs for developing countries, focusing particularly on the variation in the number and scope of conditionality adopted by the organization. Her approach to the design of IMF programs relies on a new analytical framework, which she terms the “Two-Level Principal-Agent Model” of IMF lending. Focusing on the Turki...Read More

Dr. Ali Bilgic receives ESRC Grant

Dr. Ali Bilgic has been granted a United Kingdom Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC) grant as a co-investigator in the project ‘Exploring Civil Society Strategies for Democratic Renewal’. The project, which will be conducted by a consortium consisting of The University of Sheffield, University of York, City University of London, and Bilkent University, will examine new global social movements through dialogue among academics and practitioners. The key objectives of the project are to...Read More

Our department tops academic productivity in IR in Turkey

The Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey (TUBITAK) has recently released a comprehensive assessment of the publications performance of Turkish universities by subject over the past ten years. In terms of the number of papers published and citations they received, our department ranks as the most productive IR department in the country.
The percentile of our faculty’s publications in terms of citations frequency distribution and the impact they have created is 61%. We...Read More

2 Positions – Assistant Professor in International Relations

Department of International Relations, Bilkent University, Ankara

Bilkent University is an English-medium private research university located in Ankara, Turkey. It is the country’s first private, non-profit university, and is placed on global rankings as the leading university in Turkey. The university offers on-campus housing, International Baccalaureate schooling options for dependents, a diverse intellectual environment, and a variety of other facilities and outstanding oppo...Read More

Sino-US Energy Triangles Analyzed by David Zweig

Prof. David Zweig, Director of the Center for China\'s Transnational
Relations at the Hong Kong University for Science and Technology, recently
visited our University and the Department of International Relations. His
latest book \"Sino-US Energy Triangles: Resource Diplomacy under Hegemony\"
(Routledge 2015) was the subject of his illuminating talk. Prof. Zweig
offered powerful insights as to China\'s energy politics, the way this
intersects wit...Read More

Guest Lecture on Marx and Democracy at Bilkent IR

Terrell Carver, Professor of Political Theory at the University of
Bristol, delivered a well-attended talk at our Department on 11 May.
Drawing on his expertise on Marx, Prof. Carver provided a fascinating
account of the \'real\' Marx, over and above the simplifications and
distortions that often accompany work on Marx as well as Marxist (or
\'Marxist\') scholarship more generally. By use of rare 19th century
photographs and a superb analysis of the cont...Read More

IR Professor delivers a talk in Tel Aviv

Upon invitation from Moshe Dayan Center’s Turkish Studies Programme, Dr
Selver Sahin delivered a talk on the occasion of the centenary of the
Gallipoli Campaign at Tel Aviv University on 12 April 2015. The event was
attended by academics, researchers and members of the community.

Drawing upon her own multi-cultural experience in Turkey, New Zealand and
Australia, Dr Sahin presented how Gallipoli occupies a significant place
in the national memo...Read More

IRSS Continues with a Talk on the Tan Matbaası Incident (December 4, 1945)

This semester’s third IRSS seminar was delivered on 26 March 2015 by James Ryan (Ph.D. Candidate at the University of Pennsylvania and Visiting Researcher at Bilkent’s IR Department). Mr. Ryan’s intriguing paper was entitled “The Anatomy of a Riot: Political Violence, the Birth of Multiparty Politics and the Destruction of Tan Matbaası, December 4, 1945.” The seminar was organized in cooperation with the Department of Political Science, with Dr. Onur İşçi (IR) serving as di...Read More

IRSS continues with Talk on Juridification and de-juridification of International Law

This semester’s second IRSS seminar was delivered by Asst. Prof. Dr. Elena Cirkovic on 24 February 2015. Dr. Cirkovic’s engaging seminar was well attended by both faculty members and undergraduate and graduate students. It was entitled: “Juridification and de-juridification of International Law: Responsibility to Protect and the question of intervention in Syria and Northern Iraq”.
The presented problem is one of the immanent political and legal urgencies of our times that has ...Read More

The G-20 Debated at Bilkent

In Early February the Department was delighted to welcome Prof. Anthony Payne (The University of Sheffield, Department of Politics), co-Director of the Sheffield Political Economy Research Institute (SPERI). The event was part of the Department’s Jean Monnet Seminars organized by JM Chair and Acting Chair Assoc. Prof. Dimitris Tsarouhas.
Prof. Payne’s research encompasses, inter alia, the G-20 and its role in global governance. He has written extensively on the subject and kindly shar...Read More

ISA 2015 Program Chaired by Pınar Bilgin

This year’s International Studies Association (ISA) Annual Conference was held in New Orleans, Louisiana from 18 to 21 February. The ISA is the premium academic association in our Field.
Assoc. Prof. Pınar Bilgin, former IR Chair and Associate Dean of our Faculty, was the Program Chair for ISA 2015. We warmly congratulate her for making ISA 2015 a towering success. In the words of outgoing ISA President Amitav Acharya, “ISA 2015 in New Orleans was the largest ISA gathering ever with ...Read More

Ph.D. Open Day Saturday, 28 March 2015

Bilkent University\'s Department of International Relations welcome all candidates who aim to pursue a Ph.D. in International Relations to our \"Ph.D. Open Day\".

On this special event, the Director of Graduate Studies will make a presentation about the department\'s Ph.D. Programme, followed by a reception where candidates will have the opportunity to interact informally with Bilkent IR faculty members.

Time: 16.00-18.00
Place: Faculty of Economics, Administ...Read More

IRSS continues with Talk on Russia’s geopolitical spaces

The first International Relations Research Seminar Series (IRSS) talk in Spring 2015 was recently held at our Department. Guest speaker was a Visiting Fellow of our Department, David Savarin. David is a PhD candidate at King’s College London.

In his talk, entitled “The construction of ‘geopolitical spaces’ in Russian foreign policy discourse before and after the Ukraine crisis”, David examined the geopolitical discourse of Russia’s ruling elite and the constr...Read More

New Public Diplomacy debated at IR Department

On December 16, Jonathan Henick, Counselor for Public Affairs at the Embassy of the United States of America, visited our Department. Mr. Henick delivered a speech entitled “US Public Diplomacy: Pitfalls and Opportunities”. The presentation was part of the IR439 Turkish Foreign Policy course offered by Amb. Ret. Onur Gökçe, a Senior Lecturer at our Department..
Mr. Henick’s interactive presentation covered the significance of public diplomacy for governments as well as pr...Read More

Dr Onur İşçi receives TUBITAK grant

Dr. Onur İşçi has been granted the TUBITAK Reintegration Scholarship (BIDEB 2232) – a two year research grant that supports Turkish academics returning home from overseas doctoral training.
İşçi holds a Ph.D. from Georgetown University and recently joined Bilkent’s IR faculty in September 2014. He is a diplomatic historian, whose teaching and research interests include the convergence of 19th century empires and the history of 20th century international relations.
As part...Read More

IR Talk focuses on Climate Change: What is after Kyoto?

On December 5, Alper Acar, Sector Manager for Climate Change, EU Delegation to Turkey, delivered a guest lecture at our department. Mr. Acar’s lecture elaborated on the effects and problems of climate change in comparison to the past and sougt to link the Rio 92 process to the present. He demonstrated that population growth and GHG gas emission levels are the most important factor to climate change. Moreover, Alper Acar focused on current problems about climate change and the various ...Read More

Department of International Relations Hosts Portuguese EU Secretary of State

On Thursday, December 4 the Department of International Relations was honoured to host Prof. Dr. Bruno Maçães, State Secretary for European Affairs in the Portuguese government. Dr. Maçães delivered a speech entitled “Turkey and the EU: Challenges and Prospects”. Dr. Maçães was introduced by the Acting Chair, Assoc. Prof. Dimitris Tsarouhas.
Among the capacity crowd at the C-Block Amphitheatre of the Faculty Building were the Ambassador of Portugal, the Ambassador of Finland, th...Read More

IR Talk focuses on Water: From Global Policy to Business Response

On November 28, Zeren Erik, Project manager at GTE Carbon in Ankara, delivered a guest lecture at our Department. Erik’s lecture elaborated on the importance of the lack of water and problems regarding water levels compared to the past. She also established a link to global policies and business responses. Global water polices and how these policies affect the level and usage level of water, which are elaborated on in the Rio ’92 to Rio ’12 conferences were discussed by Zeren Erik. Moreove...Read More

IR Talk focuses on Building Resilient and Sustainable Cities in Turkey

On November 21, Stephen Karam, who works as a program leader of sustainable development in World Bank, delivered a guest lecture at our Department. Mr. Karam’s lecture elaborated on problems and the evolution of cities in terms of sustainability in comparison to the past and sougt to link Turkey’s rapid urbanization and productivity with developments in Turkey. Moreover, the talk linked the present with the future, as Stephen Karam elaborated on the current Sustainability Level of cities o...Read More

IR Talk focuses on Russian-Turkish Relations

On October 15 Dr. Samuel Hirst from the European University, St.
Petersburg, delivered a guest lecture at our Department. Dr. Hirst\'s
lecture elaborated on Turkish-Russian relations by drawing from historical
precedents, and sought to link Soviet experiences in Afghanistan during
the 1920s with the equivalent relations that the Bolshevik regime
cultivated with newly independent Turkey after 1923. Moreover, the talk
linked past with present, as Dr. Hurst...Read More

IR QS Results

The latest Quacquarelli Symonds (QS) ranking of world universities provides yet another confirmation of the stellar work undertaken in our Faculty. In the subject category “Politics and International Studies Bilkent ranks among the best 101-150 programs in the world, surpassing many prominent Departments of Politics/IR across the globe.
The QS World Rankings evaluate over 3,000 universities based on academic reputation, employer reputation, citations per faculty and international studen...Read More

Bilkent IR professor holds guest lectures at Vrije University, Amsterdam, Netherlands

Under the framework of the EU’s Erasmus Teaching Staff Mobility (TSM) scheme, Dr Clemens Hoffmann, Assistant Professor at the Department of International Relations, paid a visit to one of the IR Department’s partner institutions, the Department of Political and Public Administration at Vrije University (VU), Amsterdam, the Netherlands during the last week of September. He delivered a series of guest lectures drawing on his expertise on the environment and conflict. Undergraduate students in ...Read More

IR Conference Welcomed Graduates from Turkey as well as abroad

Believing in the importance of intellectual exchange among graduate students, Department of International Relations organized Graduate Conference 2014 under the general theme of ‘International Relations in the Age of Uncertainty: Theory and Practice’ on 30 May 2014. On this day-long event, panelists reflecting diverse sub-fields of the discipline presented their projects and welcomed feedback. The program was divided into five panels: ‘Rethinking Security’, ‘Rethinking International Re...Read More

IR Seminar Series Talks continued in May

The monthly seminar in International Relations Seminar Series (IRSS) was held on Thursday, 15 May with a guest talk by Associate Professor Dr. Ersel Aydınlı. In his presentation, entitled “IR in Turkey: The Discipline, Socialization, and Progress”, Prof. Aydınlı analyzed some of the major aspects of the discipline of International Relations in Turkey and engaged with the issue of the problems IR scholars face.

He argued that, unfortunately, there has not been a meaningfu...Read More

IR Guest Lecture on the Middle East

Dr. Cengiz Günay, Senior Researcher at the Austrian Institute of
International Affairs (OIIP) recently visited our Department. Dr. Günay
delivered a highly stimulating lecture on the "Arab Spring": its origins,
causes, as well as the aftermath. Attended by Faculty across FEASS and
many graduate students, the talk shed light on many neglected aspects of
the "Arab Spring".

Jean Monnet Workshop on European Social Policy hosted at Bilkent

Jean Monnet Chair of the IR Department Assist. Prof. Dimitris Tsarouhas recently organized a Jean Monnet Workshop on European social policy. The workshop took place on 11th April with the attendance of prominent professors such as Paul Copeland from Queen Mary, University of London and Ayşe İdil Aybars from Middle East Technical University.
Presentations of professors followed with roundtable debates consisting of two sessions in the afternoon. Major themes of the workshop were key tre...Read More

Jean Monnet Seminars Hosted by the IR Department Continue

Assoc. Prof. Sinem Akgül Açıkmeşe from Kadir Has University visited the Department of International Relations on 7th April and delivered a speech entitled “Dynamics of Stagnation in Turkey – EU Relations.” The Seminar was planned by the Jean Monnet Chair of the IR Department Assist. Prof. Dimitris Tsarouhas.
Assoc. Prof. Açıkmeşe began to her speech by giving a brief history of Turkey’s long journey towards the EU membership. She first presented the periods of momentum in...Read More

Call for Papers: Bilkent IR Graduate Conference 2014

Bilkent University
Department of International Relations

Graduate Conference
International Relations in the Age of Uncertainty: Theory and Practice

30 May 2014, Bilkent University, Ankara


Department of International Relations, Bilkent University, announces its graduate student conference, which will take place on 30 May 2014. The theme of the conference is International Relations in the Age of Uncertainty: ...Read More

Bilkent IR Ph.D. Open Day on 8 March

On Saturday 8 March the Department of International Relations held a Ph.D. Open Day. The event gave interested students and visitors the opportunity to interact with a number of Faculty, ask individualized questions on the PhD programme and receive detailed information on all aspects of a Doctoral Programme at Bilkent IR.

The Department of International Relations at Bilkent University, invites Ph.D. applications for its doctoral programme. The deadline for application is April 1...Read More


Bilkent FEASS’ International Relations and Political Science and Public Administration departments are jointly ranked among 101-150th in the world by the “QS World University Rankings by Subject.” With this ranking, Bilkent IR and POLS faculty members have been once again globally acknowledged for their research and teaching excellence. We would like to congratulate our faculty members, administrative staff, and students for their continued success.
For the third edition of the QS W...Read More

FEASS Doctoral Workshops Continued in Feburary

On February 27, Dr. Selver Şahin (IR) was at the FEASS Doctoral Workshop on “Top Tips to Manage Your Supervisor”. By sharing her own experiences, Dr. Şahin covered a variety of issues from the significance of good communication to the necessity of clarification of mutual expectations.

Dr. Tsarouhas (IR) at FEASS Doctoral Workshop

As part of the FEASS Doctoral Workshop Series launched in Fall 2013, Dr. Dimitris Tsarouhas (IR) gave a talk entitled “Getting the Most out of Conferences and Workshops” on February 06. Dr. Tsarouhas provided the audience with essential information about different stages of the conference participation including the preparation stage, tips for successful presentations, and social networking.

Dr. Selver B. Sahin has just been granted a TUBITAK scholarship for incoming researchers to the country

As part of her research, Selver has proposed to study the contemporary joined-up security and development strategies aimed at transforming conflict-affected countries into peaceful communities. Through setting up an international research platform and undertaking a series of field studies and seminars in the Balkan region, this research project will demonstrate how the relationship between security and development features in policy interventions and how the transformation processes in the regi...Read More


"The deadline for this vacancy has now expired"

Open Rank in International Relations
Department of International Relations, Bilkent University, Ankara

The Department of International Relations, Bilkent University, Ankara, invites applications for multiple posts at all academic ranks (Tenable: Fall 2014).
Successful candidates are expected to teach one or more core courses, as well as elective courses at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels. An ab...Read More

FEASS Doctoral Workshop Series on Research Methods II

On December 19, Dr. Nil Şatana (IR) gave a talk on quantitative research techniques in social sciences as a part of the FEASS Doctoral Workshop Series. Dr. Şatana’s presentation covered the importance of statistics both in our daily lives and in our academic studies. During her presentation, Dr. Şatana touched upon different research methods using statistics, and explained different types of statistics. Dr. Şatana also explained the objective of quantitative methods and the steps that the ...Read More

IR Seminar Series Continues

The second monthly seminar in the recently launched International Relations Seminar Series (IRSS) was held on Thursday, 12 December with Dr Pinar Ipek presenting on the EU’s experience with the creation of an internal energy market. In her presentation, entitled “Socialization in International Relations: A Hard Case, the EU Internal Energy Market”, Dr Ipek shared some of the major aspects of her work in progress that is informed by a constructivist perspective. The seminar was timely, as t...Read More

IR Faculty Delivers a Talk in Singapore

Selver B. Sahin has recently delivered a seminar on the likely implications of East Timor’s possible accession to the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN). The seminar was delivered at the Institute of Southeast Asian Studies (ISEAS) on 5 December 2013, and it was attended by the academic and policy community in Singapore as well as members of the diplomatic representations in the country including Turkey. The Turkish Embassy has also kindly shared the event on its Facebook page. (ht...Read More

FEASS Doctoral Workshop Series on Research Methods I

On November 28, Dr. Can Mutlu (IR) gave a talk on qualitative research techniques in social sciences as part of the FEASS Doctoral Workshop series. Dr. Mutlu’s presentation covered a variety of issues related to the challenges and opportunities faced by qualitative research practitioners.
During his presentation, Dr. Mutlu touched upon the main features of how to conduct qualitative research in the process of writing a PhD dissertation. He presented different qualitative research method...Read More

International Relations Department launches new Research Seminar Series

The International Relations Department launched a fresh initiative in November. Its seminar series (IRSS) provides a new forum for IR research at Bilkent, fostering an active academic environment in the field.
Recently recruited faculty member Dr Can E. Mutlu presented his award winning PhD research on ‘Insecurity Communities’ and their meaning for liberal security theory. His stimulating 20 minutes presentation invited a vibrant discussion. IR students and staff enjoyed the opportun...Read More

Geneva Graduate Institute Senior Rep Visits IR Department

On November 6, the senior representative of the Graduate Institute of Geneva, Dr. Dominic Eggel, gave a talk at the Department of International Relations. As well as introducing the Institute to a packed audience of IR faculty members and postgraduate students, Dr. Eggel delivered a talk entitled "The Idea of Europe From a Historical Perspective and Its Lessons for Today."
During his talk, Dr. Eggel analyzed the notion of Europe from antiquity to the modern era, and elaborated on the ide...Read More

IR's Dr. Hoffmann gave a talk at the FEASS Doctoral Workshop

Dr. Clemens Hoffmann gave a talk on 31 October at the inaugural workshop of our Faculty, the FEASS Doctoral Workshop Series. The workshop’s theme was ‘Why do a Phd?’.
Dr. Hoffmann reflected upon the reasons of why people chose to do a PhD and shared his experience with FEASS doctoral students and staff regarding the challenges involved in the process. These challenges varied, Dr. Hoffmann underlined, from finding a good topic and understanding the relevant literature to time-manag...Read More

Nicholas Kralev meets Bilkent IR students

An American author and expert on diplomacy and world affairs Nicholas Kralev gave a talk to senior Bilkent IR students on Monday, October 7 (courtesy of the U.S. Embassy in Turkey). The talk was entitled “Diplomacy in the Age of Globalization” and was held in the context of IR 351 Globalization class taught by Assoc. Prof. Ersel Aydınlı. Mr. Kralev talked about the tasks of modern international diplomacy and explained what transformation the U.S. Foreign Service has undergone in the afterm...Read More

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Yönet Bakalım

40 dakikalık
Uluslararası İlişkiler simülasyonu

• Tarih: 13 Temmuz 2013 Cumartesi
• Saat: 16:30-17:30
• Yer: EE binası 317 nolu sınıf

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Presentations on 'model diplomacy and virtual negotiations' mark the end of IR 4118

After a semester long of intensive collaborative work and virtual online meetings between Bilkent University students and Montclair State University (MSU) students, the IR-4118 course -‘Turkey and United States: Common Concerns and New ICT Instruments’- came to an end on Tuesday 30 April 2013. In the last joint session between Bilkent and MSU, students gave their presentations concluding their second and final course assignment on model diplomacy and virtual negotiations. For this assignment...Read More

IR Students meet with Former US Congressmen

The students of the Department of International Relations had the chance to meet with four former members of the United States Congress, Rep. Ben Chandler (Democrat, Kentucky), Lincoln Davis (Democrat, Tennessee), Martin Lancaster (Democrat, North Carolina) and Jim Kolbe (Republican, Arizona) in a panel discussion with the chairmanship of Prof. Michael Cain (St. Mary’s College of Maryland) at Bilkent University on Wednesday, April 10 as part of the "Congress to Campus" program. Within the fram...Read More

IR4118 Guest Lecture Series Concludes with Former Ambassadors Onur Gökce and Faruk Loğoğlu

The guest lecture series of IR4118 course, ‘Turkey and the United States: Common Concerns and New ICT Instruments’, has concluded with former ambassadors Onur Gökce and Faruk Loğoğlu giving the last guest lectures for the semester on April 2nd and 9th. Ambassador Gökce and Loğoğlu joined IR4118 students to share their diplomatic experience and reflect on Turkish foreign policy and recent regional developments.Gökce, Turkey’s first ambassador to Israel between 1991 and 1995 was appoi...Read More

IR professor's new publication on security in the age of migration

Dr. Ali Bilgic, Assistant Professor at the Department of International Relations, has published his book on security and migration in Europe. Entitled Rethinking Security in the Age of Migration: Trust and Emancipation in Europe, Dr. Bilgic’s book studies, in the words of the publisher, ‘ideas and practices which can contribute to replacing the political structures of insecurity with emancipatory structures, where individuals (both irregular migrants and members of the receiving communities)...Read More

Summer Training


Dear Students,
from 2012-13 academic year onwards, all undergraduate students who have started their Department (not Prep School) in Fall 2011 or afterwards will have Summer Training as a must course introduced into their curriculum.
If you have started your Department in Fall 2011 or afterwards and ar...Read More

IR 4118 students reflect on their ICT course

This semester, IR 4118 course -‘Turkey and United States: Common Concerns and New ICT Instruments’- had started by the collaboration of Bilkent University with Montclair State University and U.S. Department of State Office of e-Diplomacy.

Throughout the course students are tasked to prepare projects and presentations on contemporary concerns and issues that influence both Turkish and American foreign policy agendas in 21st century, with the guidance of their lecturers, Dr. Ni...Read More

Former U.S. Ambassador and U.S. Special Envoy to Afghanistan and Pakistan Marc Grossman addresses IR students

Former U.S. ambassador to Turkey Marc Grossman gave a guest lecture last Tuesday as part of the ongoing IR4118 course: ‘Turkey and the United States: Common Concerns and New ICT Instruments’, which started this semester at the Department of International Relations. The special course developed with Montclair State University (USA), and the U.S. Department of State Office of eDiplomacy, brings together students from both universities in a classroom-to-classroom online experience that includes...Read More

The Department of International Relations launches its “virtual” IR4118 course with Montclair State University (USA)

Students from Bilkent University met on Friday (12 February 2013) with their American counterparts using video conferencing to discuss the challenges in the global context of network societies. The online session is the first in a semester-long course taught jointly by a professor in each university, focusing on common challenges Turkey and the United States face in the 21st century. The course, IR 4118 - Turkey and the United States: Common Concerns and New ICT Instruments, is the outcome of a ...Read More

New Book by Professor Norman Stone: World War Two: A Short History

Professor Norman Stone, world-renowned historian and Professor at the Department of International Relations has published his latest book on the history of the Second World War. Entitled World War Two: A Short History, Professor Stone’s book offers, in the words of the publisher ‘an unprecedentedly concise, utterly authoritative account of the deadliest war of human history’. Here is an extract from the publisher’s website: ‘With astonishing aplomb, Norman Stone traces the causes, cour...Read More

The Department of International Relations to Offer a New Innovative Course with Montclair State University (USA)

The department of International Relations at Bilkent University will forge a classroom-to-classroom partnership with Montclair State University, consisting of a semester-long course taught jointly by a professor at each university. The course titled “Turkey and the United States: Common Concerns and New ICT Instruments” will discuss world politics and key roles played by Turkey and the United States, while focusing on common challenges Turkey and the U.S. face. Special attention will be paid...Read More

IR Department Hosts First Jean Monnet Seminar

Stefano Fantaroni, First Counselor at the European Union Delegation to Turkey, visited the Department of International Relations on 13th December and delivered a speech entitled “EU-Turkey Relations Today”. This was the first of a series of “Jean Monnet Seminars” planned by the Jean Monnet Chair of the IR Department Assist. Prof. Dimitris Tsarouhas. The purpose of the Jean Monnet Project that Dr. Tsarouhas has won is to bring together representatives of academia, civil society and the w...Read More

UN Food and Agriculture Organization Visit to IR Class

Dr. Ayşegül Akın, Deputy Country Representative of the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) of the United Nations, visited Bilkent University on 12th December as a part of the IR course “Sustainable Development and Climate Change” taught by part-time instructor Dr. Göktuğ Kara. Dr. Akın firstly introduced FAO under UN and stated its main objectives. Food security and action against worldwide hunger are the most important policy areas for FAO. Although some countries are economicall...Read More

Embarq Visit to IR Class

Embarq Association visited Bilkent University on December 7th, as a part of the IR course, ‘Environment and Sustainable Development’ which is instructed by our lecturer Göktuğ Kara. This global NGO, whose focus area is sustainable transportation, mainly concentrates on goals as reducing pollution, improving public health and creating safe, attractive urban spaces by collaborating with local transport authorities in such countries as Mexico, Brazil, China, India and Turkey. Also we are fami...Read More

IR Prep School students get together for the simulation “Yönet Bakalım”

On 1 December, future students of International Relations currently studying English at BUSEL spent their Saturday afternoon enjoying an energetic simulation of international politics. The simulation, entitled “Yönet Bakalım,” was organized and hosted by the MA and PhD students of the Department of International Relations. The twenty preparatory students, coming from all levels of the English preparatory program, were divided into different states tasked with contributing resources to dev...Read More

US Under Secretary of State Sonenshine addresses Bilkent Students

Ms. Tara Sonenshine, Under Secretary of State for Public Diplomacy and Public Affairs visited Bilkent University on 29 November 2012. Addressing a group of undergraduate students from the Departments of Communication and Design, International Relations, and Political Science, Undersecretary Sonenshine gave a talk entitled “The Freedom to Communicate and Connect: Public Diplomacy in the 21st Century”. The talk was followed by a question and answer session.
Ms. Sonenshine has served th...Read More

World Bank Representative Addresses IR Students

Stephen Karam, who is working as the sector leader for Sustainable Development at the World Bank Turkey Office, joined the IR 4123 class on November 2 to deliver a presentation on global urbanization trends and challenges facing Turkey within the context of the sustainable development agenda. There were also guests from the Australian Embassy and Çanakkale 18 Mart University. In his presentation, Mr. Karam, while elaborating on problems emanating from urbanization, also pointed to noteworthy fa...Read More

NATO HQ Members Meet with IR Students

The Department of International Relations welcomed NATO HQ Strategic Research Center staff members to Prof. Yüksel İnan's International Organizations class on October 17. Stephanie Babst, who is head of the Strategic Research Center, and expert Gabriele Cascone were guest speakers on the topic of "NATO's New Security Perspectives." Ms. Babst began her discussion of the subject by highlighting the continuing importance of NATO vis-à-vis states' national agendas. She pointed out that there are...Read More

US Acting Under Secretary of State Visits Bilkent IR Class

On October 16, US Acting Under Secretary of State for Arms Control and International Security Rose Gottemoeller, accompanied by US embassy staff members, visited Bilkent University as a guest speaker in Ambassador (Ret.) Onur Gökçe's International Relations course entitled Turkish Foreign Policy II.
In her lecture, Ms. Gottemoeller spoke about arms control and current international security issues. She emphasized the importance of the control and limitation of weapons of mass destructio...Read More

IR Professor awarded EU Jean Monnet Chair

Assistant Professor Dimitris Tsarouhas, Department of International Relations, has been awarded a Jean Monnet Chair in European Integration by the European Commission. The Chair comes with a grant worth € 23,000 and will run for a total of three years.
Jean Monnet Chairs are teaching posts awarded to scholars who specialize in the teaching and research of European integration. They are awarded based on the Professor’s merit and the quality of the application submitted. Chairs are enco...Read More

IR Department Holds Videoconference with EU Partner University

On May 2, Bilkent's Department of International Relations held a videoconference with Maastricht University in the Netherlands. Part of the "Digital Lectures Series" that the two universities have been running since last year, the videoconference was supervised by Asst. Prof. Dimitris Tsarouhas, who is also the project coordinator on behalf of the IR department. The project brings together students and staff in order to promote information exchange and cooperation between Bilkents and Maastrich...Read More


Lise öğrencilerine, Ekonomi, Psikoloji, Siyaset Bilimi, Uluslararası İlişkiler alanlarında ücretsiz yaz okulu . 13-15 Haziran 2012
Başvurular: IISBFyazokulu

EU Official from Brussels Meets with MIAPP EU Diplomacy Students

Heike Gerstbrein, an EU official from the EU Commission-Turkey Team/Political Desk in Brussels, visited Bilkent University and had a meeting with IR-MIAPP (Master of International Affairs and Public Policy) students on Friday, April 20. Ms. Gerstbrein was invited by instructor Yeter Yaman as part of the MIAPP program on EU Diplomacy.
Introducing the speaker, Ms. Yaman made reference to the most recent Transatlantic Trends survey published by the German Marshall Fund, in which only 48 perc...Read More

IR Students Meet Former Members of U.S. Congress

Three former members of U.S. Congress, Karan English (Dem., Arizona), David Minge (Dem., Minnesota) and Peter Torkildsen (Rep., Massachussets) visited Bilkent University on Wednesday April 10, 2012 as part of the ‘Congress to Campus’ program.

As part of this program, members of the United States Association of Former Members of Congress visit university campuses in the United States and abroad. During these visits, bipartisan groups of 4-5 Members hold forums and meet with st...Read More

US Assistant Secretary of State Speaks to IR Students

The Department of International Relations welcomed US Assistant Secretary of State for International Organizations Esther Brimmer on March 26. Dr. Brimmer, who was appointed to the position in 2009, heads the Bureau of International Organizations Affairs, which strives to advance US interests in the context of US participation in international organizations dealing with areas including human rights, peacekeeping, food security and climate change.
The lecture, which was part of Prof. Yüks...Read More

IR Students Meet Diplomats from the US Embassy

Stefanie Altman-Winans, the deputy cultural attaché at the US Embassy, and retired ambassador Onur Gökçe, lecturer in the Department of International Relations, organized a meeting between US Embassy officials and Bilkent IR students on March 19 during class hours.
Ms. Winans, in her introductory remarks, stated that such meetings were a very important part of the embassy\'s youth engagement activities and that it was a great pleasure to be on the Bilkent campus to meet with universit...Read More

IR Department Holds Seminar Marking 20 Years of Turkey-Belarus Diplomatic Relations

On March 6, the Department of International Relations Center for Russian Studies held a roundtable meeting marking the 20th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between the Republic of Belarus and the Republic of Turkey.

The event attracted a significant level of attendance from a number of embassies in Ankara. Ambassador Ulfat Kadyrov of Uzbekistan and diplomats from the Russian, Kazakh, Tajik and Kyrgyz embassies, as well as many Bilkent students, were among...Read More

IR Professor Awarded Fulbright Grant

Assistant Professor Pınar İpek (IR) has been awarded a Fulbright Senior Scholarship for the 2012-2013 academic year. Dr. İpek specializes in energy politics and international political economy. She will be using this grant to spend the next year in Washington, DC, to conduct a project on energy security.
Dr. İpek's research project addresses the question of how socialization among states and non-state actors influences preference change and results in cooperation on energy security. ...Read More

IR Students Attend Event Marking 60 Years of Turkey's Membership in NATO

A roundtable entitled "Turkey-NATO: 60 Years Together for Peace and Security" was held in Ankara on February 17, 2012. Department of International Relations graduate students were invited to attend the meeting together with Asst. Prof. Özgür Özdamar (IR). The roundtable marked the 60th anniversary of Turkey's membership in NATO, the country having joined the organization on February 18, 1952.
The meeting's opening speeches were given by NATO Secretary General Anders Fogh Rasmussen and ...Read More

IR Professor Wins Prestigious Book Prize

Assistant Professor Sean McMeekin of the Department of International Relations has won the prestigious Tomlinson Prize for his book entitled "The Russian Origins of the First World War" (Harvard University Press, 2011). The Tomlinson Prize is awarded annually by the World War One Historical Association to the book the Association judges to be the year\'s best in English on the First World War. As its title suggests, Dr. McMeekin's book uncovers the "Russian origins" of World War I, highlighting ...Read More

HRH Prince Abdul-Aziz visits Department of International Relations

On January 5, 2012, HRH Prince Abdul-Aziz bin Talal Bin Abdulaziz Al Saud, President of the Arab Gulf Program for United Nations Development (AGFUND) visited Bilkent University, Department of International Relations. The Prince was hosted by a group of undergraduate students taking the course Turkish Foreign Policy and the course instructor, Dr. Hasan Ali Karasar. In his speech, the Prince mainly focused on the Arab Spring and stated that the Arab Spring is a consequence of years of authoritaria...Read More

IR students visited the Minister of Foreign Affairs

On 27 December 2011, thirty undergraduate students from the Department of International Relations visited the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The trip was organised by Retired Ambassador Onur Gökçe, who lecture on Turkish Foreign Policy and Diplomacy at Bilkent University.