IR Seminar Series

IRSS- IR Discipline and the Rise of Asia?: Historical and Theoretical Approaches

IRSS- Transparency Promotion and Extractive Industries: Making Sense of Compliance in Resource-Rich States

IRSS- National Conceptions, Transnational Solidarities: Turkey, Europe and Islam

IRSS- National dialogues as inclusion mechanisms for political transitions

IRSS-  Building states of ‘exception': Reflections on the changing dynamics of sovereignty after intervention – November, 10, 16.00, A130

IRSS – The Usual Suspects: Ethnicity and Repatriation in Stalin’s Cold War on Turkey, 1945-1949 – October, 27, 16.00, A130

IRSS  – National Identity Contestation and The Varying Paths to Regional Economic Leadership in Russia and Turkey – October, 13, 16.30, A326