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According to American sociologist David Harvey, global capitalism is working in a somewhat different way since about 1980s. In this period when financial flows attained hyper liquidity, and trade in commodity and services have been fully liberalized while human mobility, hence labour power, had been restricted within national boundaries, our region referred as the ÔÇťextended MediterraneanÔÇŁ is playing a critical role in global politics. Such structural changes in the international system weakened nation-states and made societies become more complex and interdependent, while also paving the way to a new set of global concerns over the usage rights of water, energy security, human mobility, transnational terrorism, and ethnic and sectarian conflicts, among others.

Under this broad perspective the countries of the extended Mediterranean region are observed to go through radical transformations both economically and politically. Given that the region is situated at the center of the ongoing global crisis dubbed the great recession, and that it is also at forefront of the new coalitions, new international institutions and new Technologies, the Mediterranean displays a key figure in global geopolitics.

The main objective of the Bilkent International Relations is to follow these issues within a contemporary and interdisciplinary approach. Based on our nearly thirty years of experience, we give utmost importance to undergraduate education and graduate student training. Our Department studies these global developments from an analytical and critical perspective and aims at preparing our students with an analytical background that appraises creativity and scientific inquiry. Research and teaching interests of our faculty span a wide array of topics, including Turkish Foreign Policy, Security Studies, International Political Economy, Russia, Latin American Studies, the European Union, International Organizations, and Peace-building. In addition to our first-rate faculty, our students can take advantage of the vast opportunities offered by Bilkent University to take courses in other departments and participate to exchange programs at reputable universities around the globe.

We await all of you for this exciting adventure

Professor A. Erin├ž Yeldan, Acting Chair┬á