PhD Program


This is a highly specialized program. Its purpose is to develop the candidates’ skills in international political analysis and to increase their capacity to conduct research on theoretical issues, international security studies, strategic studies, comparative foreign policy, international political economy, regional integration, global environmental problems, international law, peacekeeping and conflict resolution as well as area studies such as Europe, the Balkans, Russia, the Middle East, Central Asia and Caucasus. The program is reserved for a limited number of students who are qualified to spend several years doing intensive research. The program is particularly suitable for those candidates who wish to stay in academic life after having obtained the Doctor of Philosophy degree.

The students accepted to this program must complete course work of no fewer than 26 credit hours. This requirement can be met by taking graduate-level International Relations courses and, if necessary, other courses approved by the Department. The compulsory courses are Current Debates in International Relations Theory (IR 621), Reading and Research in Diplomatic History (IR 625), Academic Practices (GE 690) and Ph.D. Dissertation (IR 699).

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