New Public Diplomacy debated at IR Department

On December 16, Jonathan Henick, Counselor for Public Affairs at the Embassy of the United States of America, visited our Department. Mr. Henick delivered a speech entitled “US Public Diplomacy: Pitfalls and Opportunities”. The presentation was part of the IR439 Turkish Foreign Policy course offered by Amb. Ret. Onur Gökçe, a Senior Lecturer at our Department..
Mr. Henick’s interactive presentation covered the significance of public diplomacy for governments as well as private companies and NGOs. He touched upon the notion of propaganda, advertising, political campaigning, nation branding and psychological operations as parts of public diplomacy. Mr. Henick referred to public diplomacy as the new diplomacy, which includes the traditional understanding of diplomacy as well. Mr. Henick finished his presentation by stating the relationship between propaganda, public relations and public diplomacy in IR shaped by public opinion. In this sense, public diplomacy in US and Turkey was also discussed during the presentation. The discussion was followed with a Q&A session in which the audience asked questions related to propaganda, national image, soft power and their relation to public diplomacy.