IR Talk focuses on Water: From Global Policy to Business Response

On November 28, Zeren Erik, Project manager at GTE Carbon in Ankara, delivered a guest lecture at our Department. Erik’s lecture elaborated on the importance of the lack of water and problems regarding water levels compared to the past. She also established a link to global policies and business responses. Global water polices and how these policies affect the level and usage level of water, which are elaborated on in the Rio ’92 to Rio ’12 conferences were discussed by Zeren Erik. Moreover, the talk linked present with future, as Zeren Erik focused on current level of water in reservoirs in Turkey and how they are depleted, to elucidate the problem of water stress and scarcity. Some examples about water footprint were very helpfull to understand the importance and worth of water. The talk was very well attended and attracted faculty members and students from IR and beyond.