Bilkent IR professor holds guest lectures at Vrije University, Amsterdam, Netherlands

Under the framework of the EU’s Erasmus Teaching Staff Mobility (TSM) scheme, Dr Clemens Hoffmann, Assistant Professor at the Department of International Relations, paid a visit to one of the IR Department’s partner institutions, the Department of Political and Public Administration at Vrije University (VU), Amsterdam, the Netherlands during the last week of September. He delivered a series of guest lectures drawing on his expertise on the environment and conflict. Undergraduate students in the BA program on International Relations and Global Governance benefited from Dr Hoffmann’s lecture on resource conflicts which made special reference to his primary field research experience on climate change related conflicts in East Africa. The lecture was followed by a lively discussion, amongst other topics, on the role of China in African development.
Dr Hoffmann also presented his latest research at VU’s prestigious Institute for Environment Studies’ (IVM) “Amsterdam Laboratory on Earth System Governance (ESG)” seminar series. Postgraduate students and staff actively discussed the 'New Political Economy of Scarcity' reflecting on 'scarcity' as a political and social category under the current conditions of a financialized global economy. Dr Hoffmann’s visit led to a fruitful, mutually beneficial intellectual engagement with VU’s students and staff and strengthened the links between the two partner institutions, sparking ideas about future collaborative research.

Background Information:

The TSM scheme allows universities to exchange faculty members teaching at the partner institutions for limited periods. This program also greatly benefits students who are able to experience fresh perspectives and alternative teaching methods without having to leave their home university. Last term, our department hosted Dr Kyril Drezov of Keele University, UK, who shared his original insights into Eastern European politics with students and staff. Over the past years, Bilkent International Relations faculty visited the universities of Konstanz, Sheffield, Maastricht and Aarhus.