IR Seminar Series Talks continued in May

The monthly seminar in International Relations Seminar Series (IRSS) was held on Thursday, 15 May with a guest talk by Associate Professor Dr. Ersel Aydınlı. In his presentation, entitled “IR in Turkey: The Discipline, Socialization, and Progress”, Prof. Aydınlı analyzed some of the major aspects of the discipline of International Relations in Turkey and engaged with the issue of the problems IR scholars face.

He argued that, unfortunately, there has not been a meaningful original contribution to the IR literature from Turkey. The reasons he listed were 1) existing pathologies of the global IR discipline (e.g. the distribution of labor which has knowledge being produced in the center but consumed in the periphery); 2) local limitations (e.g. the mere application or copying of Western approaches into Turkish academia); 3) various methodological and linguistic disadvantages.

The event was a highly stimulating experience for both the IR faculty and many postgraduate students to exchange views about the discipline in an interactive and friendly environment.