IR's Dr. Hoffmann gave a talk at the FEASS Doctoral Workshop

Dr. Clemens Hoffmann gave a talk on 31 October at the inaugural workshop of our Faculty, the FEASS Doctoral Workshop Series. The workshop’s theme was ‘Why do a Phd?’.
Dr. Hoffmann reflected upon the reasons of why people chose to do a PhD and shared his experience with FEASS doctoral students and staff regarding the challenges involved in the process. These challenges varied, Dr. Hoffmann underlined, from finding a good topic and understanding the relevant literature to time-management and financial problems. During the Question and Answer session doctoral students had a unique opportunity to discuss their problems with Faculty Members.
‘FEASS Doctoral Workshops’ prepare students for local and global academia and non-academic paths. Additionally, the workshops provide guidance and support to help PhD students complete their degrees in a timely fashion.
The next workshop will take place on 28 November. All Doctoral candidates are welcome!