The Department of International Relations to Offer a New Innovative Course with Montclair State University (USA)

The department of International Relations at Bilkent University will forge a classroom-to-classroom partnership with Montclair State University, consisting of a semester-long course taught jointly by a professor at each university. The course titled “Turkey and the United States: Common Concerns and New ICT Instruments” will discuss world politics and key roles played by Turkey and the United States, while focusing on common challenges Turkey and the U.S. face. Special attention will be paid to processes through which ordinary citizens can shape politics, including public opinion polls and innovative connection technologies and social media. In particular, the course will focus on building an understanding of the role information and communication technology (ICT).
A portion of the course, including joint lectures, discussions, and assignments, will be conducted and completed collaboratively by students in both countries through the use of existing, under-utilized technologies (WEBEX, VTC, Skype, Googledocs, etc). The course will be taught by Dr Nida Shoughry from the department of International Relations at Bilkent University, and Dr Zsolt Nyiri from the department of Political Science and Law at Montclair State University.