Embarq Visit to IR Class

Embarq Association visited Bilkent University on December 7th, as a part of the IR course, ÔÇśEnvironment and Sustainable DevelopmentÔÇÖ which is instructed by our lecturer G├Âktu─č Kara. This global NGO, whose focus area is sustainable transportation, mainly concentrates on goals as reducing pollution, improving public health and creating safe, attractive urban spaces by collaborating with local transport authorities in such countries as Mexico, Brazil, China, India and Turkey. Also we are familiar to this NGO by their well known ÔÇśMetrob├╝s' project in Istanbul. Do─čan ┼×alva, Nicolae Duduta, and Cartsten Wass presented on interesting topics as experts on transport planning, urban design and road safety. The speakers highlighted the role of transportation in global sustainability agenda. Transport is one of the major emitters of green house gases and its marginal demand continues to increase as car ownership globally continues to rise. According to Embarq, car ownership in Turkey will more than double in the next two decades. The impact of congestion in cities on air quality, time loss and public health are considerable and these are not confined within national territories. Without integrating the networks better and using innovative planning transport will become a burden on the way of living rather than a facilitator.
At the beginning of the presentations, Mr. Daduta gave brief information about Embarq. He showed some significant statistical data, transportation infrastructure of some countries and changing tendencies in urban areas. After the presentation of Daduta, Mr ┼×alva briefly mentioned the urban structure of Seferihisar as a "slow city" and other ongoing projects in Turkey. Age distribution, traffic counts, origin destination surveys and parking surveys were some of the main topics that Mr. ┼×alva spoke about. After mentioning these, he presented some recommendation about how to improve transportation alternatives and opportunities. Mr. Wass was the final presenter. Mr. Wass made a presentation about general aspects of road safety. He pointed out that road accidents have become a global problem. Some data about the road accidents in Turkey were highlighted to display how serious and widespread road accidents are in Turkey.
After all of these presentations, question-answer session took place that concrete issues had discussed mainly focusing on TurkeyÔÇÖs transportation conditions.
Celal Onur Uyan─▒k(MIAPP/2) Deniz Tu─ču┼člu(MIAPP/2)