IR Prep School students get together for the simulation “Yönet Bakalım”

On 1 December, future students of International Relations currently studying English at BUSEL spent their Saturday afternoon enjoying an energetic simulation of international politics. The simulation, entitled “Yönet Bakalım,” was organized and hosted by the MA and PhD students of the Department of International Relations. The twenty preparatory students, coming from all levels of the English preparatory program, were divided into different states tasked with contributing resources to development and defense tasks. In an interactive and casual atmosphere, the students debated how to maximize their well-being as nations while cooperating with the other teams. Although the game started off quietly in a spirit of cooperation, the debate became lively as teams demonstrated that just like in the real world, promises by politicians in the simulation’s politics were not necessarily kept. After the simulation ended, IR department head Dr. Pınar Bilgin explained to the group how the game illustrated important concepts in International Relations, such as international collaboration, collective defense, and the dynamics present within international organizations such as NATO or the United Nations. Through the simulation, BUSEL students discovered the rewards and challenges of studying international relations in their future academic careers at Bilkent.