Bilkent IR Talks, Spring 2021-6

On April 20, 2021, Dr. Birol A. Ye┼čilada, Professor of Political Science and International Studies at Portland State University, delivered a lecture titled: ÔÇťGlobal Power Transition Theory and the Determinants of EU IntegrationÔÇŁ for BilkentÔÇÖs International Relations Seminar Series. Building upon Dr. Ye┼čiladaÔÇÖs latest research, the talk focused on power transition theory and the future of the EU. After the history and brief explanation of power transition theory, Dr. Ye┼čilada investigated the concepts of extraction, reach, and allocation. During the talk, drawing from the data on the GDP of major powers, Dr. Ye┼čilada focused on the development and longevity of the European Union. Dr. Ye┼čilada further elaborated on the issues of power transition in EU integration. After explaining the measurement of conflict ÔÇôintegration Dr. Ye┼čilada elaborated on the problems of EU integration. Dr. Ye┼čilada also investigated the effects of the Coronavirus pandemic in the EU and possible solutions against crises. During the Q&A session, Dr. Ye┼čilada answered questions regarding cohesion concept, CovidÔÇÖs effects on European integration, application of this theory to other places, implications fiscal unity, and creation of a union without a military union.

Short bio:
Dr. Birol A. Ye┼čilada is the Director of the Mark O. Hatfield School of Government and is professor of Political Science and International Studies at Portland State University (PSU). He also holds the holder of the endowed chair in Contemporary Turkish Studies and is Director of the National Center of Academic Excellence in Cybersecurity at PSU. He is past-Vice President of the International Studies Association and is member of the Board of TransResearch Consortium. Previously he served as Director of the Middle East Studies Center at PSU (2014-17). Dr. Ye┼čilada came to PSU in September 1998 from the University of Missouri-Columbia where he was Chair of the Department of Political Science.

Dr. Ye┼čilada received his B.A. degree in 1977 in Neurobiology from the University of California at Berkeley, his M.A. in Political Science in 1979 from San Francisco State University and his Ph.D. in Political Science in 1984 from the University of Michigan. His current research interests include: Global power transition, the European Union, political and economic development of Turkey, radical Islam and terrorism, the Cyprus negotiations and international conflict resolution, and politics of economic reform in the emerging markets. He is the Principal Investigator for the World Values Survey Project in Cyprus. His recent publications include several books: Global Power Transition and the Future of the European Union, EU-Turkey Relations in the 21st Century, Islamization of Turkey Under the AKP Rule, The Emerging European Union, Comparative Political Parties and Party Elites and over 30 articles and book chapters. He is the former co-editor-in-chief of International Studies Perspectives and former Associate editor of Middle East Studies Association Bulletin.

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