IR Students Meet Former Members of U.S. Congress

Three former members of U.S. Congress, Karan English (Dem., Arizona), David Minge (Dem., Minnesota) and Peter Torkildsen (Rep., Massachussets) visited Bilkent University on Wednesday April 10, 2012 as part of the ‘Congress to Campus’ program.

As part of this program, members of the United States Association of Former Members of Congress visit university campuses in the United States and abroad. During these visits, bipartisan groups of 4-5 Members hold forums and meet with students and faculty and offer an insiders’ perspective on the workings of American government and politics.

Following a short presentation on the upcoming U.S. elections and US politics, Former Members had a panel discussion with a group of IR students selected from PhD, MA and BA programs. Students asked questions about a wide range of topics including Turkish-American relations, environmental politics in the United States, developments in the Middle East and the US policies, and United States’ position vis-à-vis the International Criminal Court.