IR Discipline and the Rise of Asia?: Historical and Theoretical Approaches

Dr. Bahad─▒r Pehlivant├╝rk

Date&Time: 10.05.2017, Wednesday, 12.30
Room: A130

Dr. Bahadir Pehlivanturk has studied in Middle East Technical University (METU) in Ankara, Turkey. He received his PhD degree in Kyoto University, Japan at Faculty of Human and Environmental Sciences. He did his study on Asian Studies and Overseas Chinese Networks in Southeast Asia. His research interests are on Asia-Pacific International Relations, Japanese Domestic Politics and Foreign Policy, Humanitarian Diplomacy, and Networks in International Relations. Currently he is an assistant professor in TOBB University of Economics and Technology, Department of Political Science and International Relations. Besides TOBB ETU, he is also giving classes in METU and Ankara University, on Asian International Relations and Japanese Foreign Policy at graduate and undergraduate levels. He has publications in Turkish and international journals on Asian IR, China in world affairs, Japanese Foreign Policy, and Turkey-East Asia Relations.