Building states of 'exception': Reflections on the changing dynamics of sovereignty after intervention

Dr. Selver Buldanlıoğlu Şahin

Date&Time: November,10, 16.30
Room: A130

This presentation is focused on the political effects of arguably technical, democratic capacity-building interventions. At the policy level, these inherently regulatory interventions are rationalised as a necessary action that strengthens (rather than violate) sovereignty in ‘fragile’ or ‘post-conflict\' states. In this presentation, I will discuss how foreign intervention in practice creates new political and social realities or exceptional conditions of state-building. In doing so, I aim to expand on two trends contemporary interventions appear to reflect: Intervention justified on the basis of exceptionalism changes the dynamics of political power on which state sovereignty and institutions are structured. At the same time, intervention turns into a routine through prolonged practices of state-capacity-building.

Bio: Selver Åžahin holds a PhD in Political Science from the University of Canterbury, New Zealand. Her research is focused on post-conflict reconstruction and democratic state-building interventions. She has published a book entitled International Intervention and State-Making: How Exception Became the Norm, (Routledge, 2015) and articles in scholarly journals such as International Peacekeeping, Asian Survey, Democratization, Australian Journal of International Affairs, and the Journal of Balkan and Near Eastern Studies.