Norman Stone 8 March 1941- 18 June 2019 (always with us)


Norman Stone  8 March 1941- 18 June 2019 (always with us)


Department of International Relations
Bilkent University
06800 Bilkent, Ankara

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'With the University's gratitude for Prof. Stone's distinguished contribution to scholarship while at Bilkent (05.10.1995-18.06.2019)

Following his first class honours degree in history from Gornville and Caius College, Cambridge, Norman Stone undertook extensive research in Vienna archives while living in Austria and Hungary (1962-1965). In 1984 he was appointed professor of modern history at Oxford University. Prof. Stone is the author of numerous books including The Eastern Front, 1914-1917, Europe Transformed, 1878-1919, World War One. He has edited and translated many other books on Central-Eastern Europe and Russia, wrote a regular column for the Sunday Times for five years, and during 1987-1990, he served as Margaret Thatcher’s foreign policy advisor. Prof. Stone’s latest books are The Atlantic and Its Enemis and Turkey: A short History.


  • M.A. History, Cambridge University